About Us

Our ethos is to speak in your language to ensure that you understand the figures that we believe are the core of any business.  This pro-active approach goes further by ensuring that we can help in all areas of your business.  We are business owners just like you and understand the hurdles and struggles of getting your business to where it needs to be, whether that be starting out and building a brand, network & business to the pains of growing.


We firmly believe that by providing an approachable, professional, knowledgeable & friendly service, we are in the best position to help move your business forward. In essence, our business is to help support your business, whether that be to support in starting up with business plans, to ensuring that you are profitable or to facilitate & support you growing your business.


We go beyond the numbers, often suggesting relevant courses to clients, informing them of new funding streams or grants that may be available, through to inviting them to networking events & connecting people who would benefit from connecting.


To give you an idea of the support we provide, one client described us as giving them a big accounting hug!

AEM recently scored 100% customer satisfaction in a University of Stirling study

AEM are a member of Trustys – a group of businesses recommended by local people

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